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International Medical Crisis Response Alliance (IMCRA): 

Providing Educational Resources to Healthcare Professionals for Medical Crises & Natural Disasters

We are a UN-affiliated nonprofit,
formed by and for medical professionals. We strive to fill critical gaps during global crises through the use of an innovative and comprehensive educational telemedicine platform that enables under-equipped medical professionals working with vulnerable populations.

The Latest at IMCRA

On August 12th 2022, the International Medical Crisis Response Alliance officially became a consultative NGO for the United Nations under the aegis of ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council of the UN). Since that time our activities have expanded considerably to include ECOSOC missions such has the health of oceanic ecosystems and the populations dependent on them.  In addition, we have continued with our humanitarian mission to provide native language medical remediation to populations aflicted by both manmade and natural disasters.  Currently our focus has been the Israel-Gaza conflict with Arabic-language modules prepared in several different therapeutic areas.  IMCRA is a  wholly non-political entity and services are provided as needed.  Thus we are also preparing English and Hebrew-language modules for those afflicted by PTSD in the wake of the October 7th 2023 horrors.

Most recently our Japan representatives attended a colloquium in Sapporo sponsored by the Hokkaido Child Care Center and hosted by Hokkaido University which explored how 21st century schoolchildren raised in an atmosphere of virtual reality perceived the actuality of conflict and war in locations such as the Ukraine and Israel-Gaza.  Not surprisingly there was general agreement on reduced sensitivity to the realities of suffering and conflict elsewhere in the world.

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