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About Us


IMCRA is a non-profit United Nations-affiliated NGO formed by and for medical professionals.


IMCRA was founded in 2012 by a direct mandate from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). IMCRA was asked to provide “…enduring medical resources which remain easily accessible not only immediately after a disaster, but in the months and years that follow…”

Since then, our mission has been to fill gaps in the response to medical crises by assembling educational materials within online and mobile platforms. Primarily, this takes the form of 8-15 minute video modules featuring acclaimed medical professionals in multiple therapeutic areas. These modules target specific problems healthcare providers commonly face in disaster response situations or ongoing medical emergencies on a nation-by-nation basis. 





We continue to expand our educational offerings to address global health needs through colloquiums and print materials, as well as our electronic platforms. A critical part of our service is promoting the sharing of long-term clinical and practical advice by connecting local healthcare providers with medical professionals around the world. IMCRA faculty typically remains available for consultation for 2-3 years after the initial response to disasters or medical crises. 


In addition to its online core curriculum, IMCRA serves as a coordination center and clearinghouse for regional medical relief programs.  Using a four-phase approach (Outreach Coordination, Online Curriculum, Onsite Programs, and Publications) IMCRA works to ascertain that remediation is maximally effective and available for subsequent use.


We at IMCRA relentlessly pursue our goal of providing caregivers around the world with easy access to educational healthcare resources that are free, interactive, and available in their own native languages.  

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